ALCS can provide the overall idea about the Oil and Gas industry market scenario, personnel requirements and recruitment information.
Further ALCS provides the technical expertise in the below field with the available technical expertise personnel team
Material Selection & Corrosion Control Activities:
Materials selection is key activity in the Oil& gas Industry and if appropriate materials are not put in the intended process service that can cause to unexpected damages that include in terms of human loss and huge financial loss due to loss of production. Hence materials selection is one of the key activities (after PROCESS design) in the Oil and gas Industry that consists of different kind of equipment & piping (separator vessels, slug-catchers, pumps, compressors, columns, towers, piping, pipelines, valves etc.).

If the right candidate materials are selected during design stage itself for the specified Project, that leaves more satisfaction to Plant OPERATOR and as well as OWNER of the Plant.Materials selection also dictates the CAPEX of the plant hence the Materials selection expertize responsibility is to recommend the techno-economical materials to keep the CAPEX of the project within the limitations

The key materials selection activities that can be performed by ALCS are listed below

Understanding the Client requirements by receiving the inquiry
Preliminary discussions about exact Client requirements specifically about materials selection & corrosion control related activities such as any deliverable documents required or not;
Material Selection Report preparation & Review
Material Selection Diagram (MSD) preparation & review – MSD drafting shall be by the Client, However markup can be provided;
Corrosion rate calculations as required;
Painting (internal & external) specification preparation/review;
Thermal Insulation Specification preparation/review
VENDOR/SUB-Contractor offered materials review against the intended process conditions
Any other support as required for the Proper materials selection